School Programs


Project Empower is an educational  program designed by Access Advocacy to help combat the lack of confidence and overall mental health related issues in Disabled people. With specialy programs targeting diffrent groups we have a program that will fit anyone.


Members of the Divergent Squad often lack body and mental confidence due to many external and internal factors such as; bulling, eating disorders, mental health conditions and others. They are sent the message every day that if they want to be valued, happy and successful, they need to look and act a certain way. A way that they as members of the divergent community just cant achieve (although  it is important to say that no one can). This pressure comes from all forms of media but also from the people around us, including family, friends, peers and our communities.

The impact of all this pressure from societies standards has serious consequences on members of diverse communities physical and mental health, and holds them back from achieving their full potential. Diverse people are less likely to get involved in classroom debates, try out for a sports club and even attend school or go to the doctors.

Through the running of 6 interactive  and fun sessions participants learn about themselves, media literacy, beauty standards, mental health, taking action against stigma and bias and grow in confidence.

By following the REAL (Relevant, Exciting, Accessible and Learner Lead) guide line each of the programs are tailored to each group and location to ensure that each participant has a great experience. 

Program Specialty Offerings: 

Want us to come to your school? Just send us and email or give us a call and we will discuss how we can best work with your school.